The Importance of Phones and Their Memory
Having a phone will always be handy to a person, it has the ability to do multiple things all at once, a person can use it to call and send a text to a specific person or group. Ever since the revolutionary improvements of our phones, their primary functions are no longer just to call or text someone, it is now commonly used to take photographs and videos that are then are saved on the internal or external memory of the phone.

An external phone memory crashing may delete all of the files inside of the memory card. The worst case scenario would be an internal memory crashing, it would not only cause the files stored in the internal memory to be deleted but also cause the phone not to boot or open.

Why You Should Not Try To Recover Lost Data by Yourself?
One of the first things a person would try to do in order to recover the phone’s memory would be to use a phone data recovery software. Although it may sound like a smart idea, data recovery specialists would actually discourage people to use them. Recovery software is risky to use, instead of recovering data on the phone, it may instead cause all the data on the phone to be overwritten, making the files inaccessible.

Whenever a file is deleted on a memory drive, the markers that make the files are removed; this indicates the system that there is no data or file stored on the certain memory location. When a file has it’s markers overwritten in zeros, only the markers were removed, the data that the markers where representing are actually still intact, until such point in where it is overwritten by a new file being stored on the same memory location. This means that files that are deleted,  actually have a good chance of recovery as long as no other files are to be saved on the memory drive. Once a file is marked as zeros, the system will now allow any new entry on the memory location, which would then cause the original files to be overwritten.

Hard drives have many fragile components, one should not try to pry these drives open as they may cause the item to break and possibly make the matters worse. It is advised, that when a person’s phone memory has crashed or had files deleted unintentionally, the owner should take the device to a phone data recovery expert as to make sure that the recovery of the files are safe and have the biggest chance of a full data recovery.