Lost data can occur on any device – including an external hard drive. While you can certainly attempt to remedy the issue yourself, sometimes it is better to have a professional handle the problem, especially when it comes to the complicated field of recovering data from an external hard drive. Here are a few of the basic concepts that a data recovery professional may implement in determining the problem and performing a data recovery task:

  • Determine the Reason for the Data Loss
    The initial step that the data recovery professional may implement is that theywill pinpoint the reason for a data loss issue. There are several types of hard drive failures that can occur and that often lead to data loss. They include: physical failures, electronic failures, and logical failures. Physical failures are issues that arise due to the device’s components, and such failures become common as the device ages or when it is not properly taken care of. Electronic failures are grounded in issues involving the power cords and fans. Finally, logical failures occur when data within the drive becomes corrupted.
  • Addressing the Issue
    Whether a professional can recover the data usually depends upon the type of loss and its severity. Most often, professionals with the most experience and the best resources will be able to handle a wide-range of problems associated with your hard drive. Further, there are steps that you can take to protect the data until the professional arrives. For instance, if you notice a message that your data on the hard drive is corrupted, then you likely have a logical error. In this event, the best thing to do may be to shut down the hard drive so that you can prevent overriding the data.
  • Call Sooner, Rather Than Later
    Finally, those who are faced with an external hard drive data recovery issue may want to call a professional sooner than later. Doing so improves one’s chances that the professional will be able to handle the problem and take care of the lost data in a timely manner. It also reduces risks that you’ll somehow override the data or damage the hard drive more.

Overall, data recovery is a tricky area and best handled by professionals with years of experience. With the right service provider, you can get your external hard drive back on track.