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Professional guide to data recovery from hard drives

Author: Tracey Richardson

A Damaged Hard Drive Often Requires Physical Data Recovery

Your files are stored on a hard drive. Storage can speak for security. Hard drives can secure your files. What if it’s damaged? There are chances that a damaged hard drive can lead to data loss. If a data loss happened, what can you do about it? Of course, fixing the hard drive is the basic thing to do. For fixing the hard drive, it can be quick and it can be hard.

What else should I do?
Other than getting your hard drive damaged, it is also needed to be identified. You should identify the cause of why your data was lost. It could be a sudden power out. Have you checked recently if you accidentally pulled the plug out? It can be one of the reasons. Before taking action on how to fix it, you should know the cause of the damage. The damage can actually tell you if it needs a logical data recovery or a physical one.

If you identified the damage as something physical, you should try recovering the data physically. The damage can be related to spilling water on it or maybe you dropped the drive. Also, not only damages from other movements. It can also be the effect of a long-term use of the hard drive. In every damage in the hard drive, you can check for symptoms. In this cases of damage, physical data recovery is needed.

What is physical data recovery?
This type of data recovery refers to fixing the physical damages of a hard drive. It can support recovering any type of files inside the hard drive. Physical data recovery can be another way for recovering a damaged hard drive. You can look for symptoms of your hard drive. By checking symptoms, you can identify if your hard drive needs a physical type of data recovery.

How can I fix it?
You can ask for services that cater this type of data recovery. By means of checking companies, you should be able to tell if they are a reliable repair center or not. It might cost a lot but it still depends on the repair center that you are asking. You should be careful about getting the offer for a repair. If you are not sure on where to get your hard drive fixed, you can always try to search the internet for recommendations on where to get your drive fixed.

If You Still Use Tape Drives, You’ll Need Professionals To Recover Data

Technology Advancement Since the 21st century, many things have changed. People may not have thought that the technology would improve so much in merely twenty years but it did. Because of these improvements and changes, there are some things that need to be adjusted and transformed. Today, computers are widely used especially in office works. Hence, if your office has been in the industry for a long time, there may be files that are stored in an old storage and you may want to retrieve files from there but it may be hard to do. Hence, if this is the case, you should look for professionals who would recover your data for you. Tape Drive: One of the Optical Media One of the optical media or storage devices that you may have used are the tape drives. So what exactly are tape drives? These are storage devices that use magnetic tapes in order to store data. They are different from the hard disk drive because they use sequential access instead of direct access storage. This kind of storage also has technical limitations which is why some people stopped using this. If you or your office used this tape drive and you have data there that you want to recover, then you should ask professionals to do the job for you. If you are not fully aware of how this thing works and functions, then you should not try to recover data yourself because you might end up losing all your data permanently. Asking Professionals for Your Tape Drive Now, if you need professionals to get your data from your tape drive, you should look for tape data recovery experts. They know how the tape drive works and they can do the job smoothly for you so that you can recover your data that you saved on your tape drive. Now, if you are going to look for tape data recovery experts, make sure that you go to legal ones so that your tape drive and your files would be in good hands. So how will you do this? You can research about the companies that you are planning to go to and read about their performances and what people are saying with their services. You may also ask them on how they would deal with your tape drive so that you will be sure that you can trust them with your tape drives.

Can Computer Shops Recover Data From An External Hard Drive?

Lost data can occur on any device – including an external hard drive. While you can certainly attempt to remedy the issue yourself, sometimes it is better to have a professional handle the problem, especially when it comes to the complicated field of recovering data from an external hard drive. Here are a few of the basic concepts that a data recovery professional may implement in determining the problem and performing a data recovery task:

  • Determine the Reason for the Data Loss
    The initial step that the data recovery professional may implement is that theywill pinpoint the reason for a data loss issue. There are several types of hard drive failures that can occur and that often lead to data loss. They include: physical failures, electronic failures, and logical failures. Physical failures are issues that arise due to the device’s components, and such failures become common as the device ages or when it is not properly taken care of. Electronic failures are grounded in issues involving the power cords and fans. Finally, logical failures occur when data within the drive becomes corrupted.
  • Addressing the Issue
    Whether a professional can recover the data usually depends upon the type of loss and its severity. Most often, professionals with the most experience and the best resources will be able to handle a wide-range of problems associated with your hard drive. Further, there are steps that you can take to protect the data until the professional arrives. For instance, if you notice a message that your data on the hard drive is corrupted, then you likely have a logical error. In this event, the best thing to do may be to shut down the hard drive so that you can prevent overriding the data.
  • Call Sooner, Rather Than Later
    Finally, those who are faced with an external hard drive data recovery issue may want to call a professional sooner than later. Doing so improves one’s chances that the professional will be able to handle the problem and take care of the lost data in a timely manner. It also reduces risks that you’ll somehow override the data or damage the hard drive more.

Overall, data recovery is a tricky area and best handled by professionals with years of experience. With the right service provider, you can get your external hard drive back on track.

Don’t Try To Recover Lost Data From Your Phone By Yourself

The Importance of Phones and Their Memory
Having a phone will always be handy to a person, it has the ability to do multiple things all at once, a person can use it to call and send a text to a specific person or group. Ever since the revolutionary improvements of our phones, their primary functions are no longer just to call or text someone, it is now commonly used to take photographs and videos that are then are saved on the internal or external memory of the phone.

An external phone memory crashing may delete all of the files inside of the memory card. The worst case scenario would be an internal memory crashing, it would not only cause the files stored in the internal memory to be deleted but also cause the phone not to boot or open.

Why You Should Not Try To Recover Lost Data by Yourself?
One of the first things a person would try to do in order to recover the phone’s memory would be to use a phone data recovery software. Although it may sound like a smart idea, data recovery specialists would actually discourage people to use them. Recovery software is risky to use, instead of recovering data on the phone, it may instead cause all the data on the phone to be overwritten, making the files inaccessible.

Whenever a file is deleted on a memory drive, the markers that make the files are removed; this indicates the system that there is no data or file stored on the certain memory location. When a file has it’s markers overwritten in zeros, only the markers were removed, the data that the markers where representing are actually still intact, until such point in where it is overwritten by a new file being stored on the same memory location. This means that files that are deleted,  actually have a good chance of recovery as long as no other files are to be saved on the memory drive. Once a file is marked as zeros, the system will now allow any new entry on the memory location, which would then cause the original files to be overwritten.

Hard drives have many fragile components, one should not try to pry these drives open as they may cause the item to break and possibly make the matters worse. It is advised, that when a person’s phone memory has crashed or had files deleted unintentionally, the owner should take the device to a phone data recovery expert as to make sure that the recovery of the files are safe and have the biggest chance of a full data recovery.

How Professionals Salvage Data From Bad Drives

Losing Your Data
Storing data is really important now that computers are used in almost everyday life of everyone. Computers are not just used at work but they are also used as entertainment and way of communication to other people. Hence, most of the files that people are storing in their storage are important. However, there are times that people just lose the files that they are storing. There are many reasons for these kinds of lost. Here are some of them:

  1. The files that you have stored may have been corrupted and the files may get deleted.
  2. The file that you stored may have gotten a virus that may prompt your anti-virus to delete the said file.
  3. Your system may be hacked and the files that are stored on your computers may be removed together with the hacking that happened.
  4. Your storage device may have failed and you may lose the files that you have in your storage device together with your storage device.

Recovering Your Lost Data
If you have lost your data, you should not worry because your data may still be recovered. If the reason for losing your data is a bad hard drive, then you can just seek professional help to salvage data from your bad hard drive. Professionals have their own way of recovering the data that you lost.

Professional Way
If you are curious about how the experts are going to salvage data from your bad hard drive, then here are some ideas on how they deal with these kinds of situations:

  1. The first thing that experts do is to know what really happened to your hard drive and all the necessary information about your hard drive, like the brand and the storage capacity.
  2. The next thing that they do is analyze the device that you have given them. They use a kind of software that analyze the media. They also use some equipment that would help in the initial recovery of the data.
  3. After all the pre-analysis, they try to recover all the data that your hard drive have.

These are some of the basic steps that experts do. So if you want to be able to get your data in a safe way, then you should really look for professionals, especially if you do not have an idea on what type of software you should use.

Methods Of Fixing A Corrupted Drive Partition

Partitioning a drive is almost a necessity when it comes to computers. This is especially true for industrial computers and everyday computers. The truth is, almost all computers, with the exception of external drives, have partitions. This is to ensure that some of the files that you deem to be very important, will not be mixed with the things that you use every day. It also ensures that ones you format the drive, you can still keep the other partition in mint condition. A corrupted partition, on the other hand, is one of the problems why it makes it a little bit hard to set up. Many people who partition their drives for the first time experience corruption.

Fixing the Partition
The good news is that it is actually really easy to fix. It just depends on the scenario. If the partition is newly set up and it doesn’t have any files in it, you can simply format it and it will go back to its original condition without affecting the other files especially the system files. If you just connected the HDD and you accidentally corrupted one of the partitions, you should check the connections. Most of the times, this is the problem.

Removing the Partition
If the partition has been set for some time and there are some files in it, then you might have to remove the partition. There are some systems that allow files to be moved to a certain location once you decide to remove the partition due to corruption. Some of them are free software so you should check your options first. After doing this method, you can recreate a partition after removing the old one and move the files that you need to be there.

Usually, a corrupted partition is not going to harm the other one. You just have to make sure that it really is a corrupted hard drive partition. If not, then other methods will have to be done.

Aside from hardware issues in the h\disk drive connection, a malware is the usual cause of corrupted drives. This issue is really a pain in the neck for many people since all the drives are being used. Many people use partitions to store their software installers, movies, games and many more. It is easy to avoid malware corruption by installing an updated anti-virus software. This will allow you to prevent malware and clean the drives as well.

“Inaccessible Storage Media” – Hardware Or Software Problem?

We always have problems with our computers and we always have problems on the internet. However, one of the biggest and damaging problems aside from having a broken computer, laptop or a device is having lost and corrupted files from a storage media. Sometimes, these files or data are lost inside it. That is why, if the information in there is important, there should be an urgent call to the experts to let them figure things out and do an assessment and do the job as soon as they can. Moreover, they will also need to keep in mind the importance of time into it.

There Are Important Files In Everyone’s Storage Media
If someone has a storage in their house, sometimes, or most of the time, they hid the most important things. In their secret storage box, they will hide the most important in the most special box. However, in the digital sense, we are going to store important works and efforts to secure them inside our storage media. We all have something to store online or in the digital sense. We will always need to have a place to store our digital works for a job or for academic purposes.

We might also be saving tons of other things such as videos, movies, and even memories such as pictures and footages. Even every single field of work has storage as one of their necessities. From photographers, writers, and even people from the law enforcement would need to have some storage to rely on.

Inaccessible Storage Media: What Might Be The Problem
In relation to inaccessible storage media, there might be the possibility of having problems with both the hardware and the software. There will be instances where the hardware has some parts of it missing or broken that is why it does not display the storage media for the owner to see. There are also other reasons such as having a damaged interior or cables. Whatever it may be, there might be something that is hindering the device to do what it is supposed to do.

On the other hand, if the software is the problem with the inaccessible storage media the solution might come from the server or the administrators of the software. If there are no other ways to fix them, there will always be experts and professionals to help the consumers solve the problems and other issues.

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