Hello I am Hansmar and I am a data recovery expert. I have been working for several digital storage companies in the past and my specialty comes in when customers return corrupted products and request their precious data to be recovered. It’s an arduous task but not something I don’t enjoy. There are many ways one can restore and recover lost data but many people have given up so easily, probably because its such a sophisticated task best left for experts.

So I decided personally to share my knowledge on how the common user can recover data as easy as 1, 2, 3. Please do note that not all solutions are effective and I will provide the best-case scenario for different types of users – from the individual who lost his or her photos from her memory card to the enterprise user looking to recover sensitive information from a corrupted hard drive. I hope to publish more and more articles that tackle not only about data recovery but offer advice on how to protect and secure your data as well. My goal here is to make things easy for you so you don’t have to worry about the dirty work. So happy surfing on my website!